NetEnt is a top software provider that produce games such as slots, poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Players love playing games from this developer mainly because the games offer huge winnings and are fun to play. However, one question most players ask is "How can I win on NetEnt games?" In this guide, we'll provide different tips that you can apply to have a better winning chance when playing NetEnt games. A detailed list of top NetEnt games is available on

Why is it Important to Learn How to Play?

Before you get tempted and start wagering money on casino games, you need to first have the skills to play it. Learning how to play NetEnt games is not difficult. If you're a newbie, we suggest that you should play games in demo mode first so as to save you from losing money. Playing for fun will help you understand how the features and gameplay work. Visit to check out how you can play free NetEnt games.

Once you are confident of your playing skills, you need to select a game that matches your preference. Casino games are classified as either low, medium or high volatility/variance. The term volatility or variance simply means the risk factor of playing a game. A game with high volatility offers huge but infrequent wins. Low variance game gives players frequent but small wins. So you need to identify which volatility level suits your taste.


Game Features - Why Check Them?

In addition to the volatility of casino games, every game also has what is called Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This the percentage amount that players can expect back from the game compared to the total amount wagered on the game in its lifespan. Thus it is better for players to always go for a game that has a high RTP compared to those with lower RTP. High RTP games, will technically boost your chances of winning.

If you are playing a slot, you also want to check the Hit Frequency of the game. Hit Frequency is a term that refers to how often a win occurs in a slot. A slot with a high hit frequency means that you can expect more wins from the game. One other crucial thing you need to know is that each game has strategies that can be used on them. You can research and test these strategies in free mode games.

Does Casino Bonus Improve Winning Chances?

Most online casinos have promotions which they offer their players. This can be a welcome bonus, reload bonus, no deposit bonus, or match bonus. Claiming bonuses and using them on NetEnt games is a good way to improve your winning chances. Casino bonuses allow you to spend more time on games, and this is one essential thing you will need to win. However, bonuses have wagering requirements and it is better to claim those with a low wagering requirement.

Apart from bonuses, one other way to boost your winning chances is to set a playing budget. If you are going for the low volatility games, set a budget that can let you play more rounds. However, if you are choosing high volatility games, set a budget that will allow you to max bet over a period. One important thing, however, is that you should only bet with spare cash that you can afford to lose.

Summary and Final Verdict

Throughout this article, we've given you great tips to help you win when playing NetEnt games. Remember to learn how to play the games first before gambling real money. Additionally, go for games that have high RTP and hit frequency, and always claim casino bonuses whenever possible. Also, remember to quit while winning. Take a break from a game after winning on it to avoid losing your winnings. With these tips, you will start winning on NetEnt games in no time.